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The next part of this book is meant to serve the technical interest in medical diagnostics and therapy. As the name of the section indicates, we chose the point of view of a physicist when summarizing the essentials on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation based instrumentation for diagnostics and therapy: their principle, design aspects, the most relevant special mathematical basics and, as the application targets living beings, the fundamentals of quality assurance. The field is in rapid advance, thus this book should not be considered as something permanently completed but rather as a dynamically improving content that can be continuously expanded with new diagnostic, therapy and quality assurance techniques. It is about an interdisciplinary field, in correspondence the authors vary in their profession from mathematician through electrical engineer to physicist, similarly their workplace from university through clinical practice to equipment vendors.

Budapest, 2012.02.29
David Legrady
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List of Authors and translators:

2 Introduction to the mathematics of medical imaging (ed. Dávid Légrády)
2.1 Introduction (Dávid Légrády, trans.:Dávid Légrády)
2.2 Integral Geometry and Integral Transforms (Dávid Légrády, trans.:Dávid Légrády)
2.3 Analytical Reconstruction techniques (Dávid Légrády, trans.:Dávid Légrády)
2.4 Algebraic Image Reconstruction (Dávid Légrády, trans.:Dávid Légrády)
2.5 The DICOM standard (Zoltán Győrfi, trans.:Dávid Légrády [from English to Hungarian] )
2.6 Mathematical Methods of Linear Model Based Image Processing Procedures (Béla Kári , trans.: Béla Kári)
3 Nuclear Medicine (ed.: Szabolcs Czifrus, trans.: Nikoletta Szakály)
3.1 Introduction to Nuclear Imaging (Szabolcs Czifrus , Herein András)
3.2 Detectors (Péter Major , Cecília Steinbach , András Herein)
3.3 Measurement background of position sensitive (Béla Kári )
3.4 Gamma Cameras and Gamma Camera Imaging (Tamás Bükki, Noémi Kovács )
3.5 SPECT Imaging (Tamás Bükki, Noémi Kovács, Béla Kári )
3.6 PET Imaging (Péter Major, Noémi Kovács )
3.7 PET/CT Systems (László Balkay, András Herein )
3.8 Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine (András Herein, Szabolcs Czifrus )
4 Fundament of Digital Image Registration and Image Post-processing (Eörs Máté, Béla Kári trans.: Tímea Hülber )
5 Medical Imaging in Radiation Therapy (ed.: Csilla Pesznyák )
5.1 Radiotherapy: Past and Present (Csilla Pesznyák )
5.2 Radiation therapy in Hungary ( Csilla Pesznyák)
5.3 Treatment planning in teletherapy (Csilla Pesznyák )
5.4 Teletherapy Equipment (Pál Zaránd )
5.5 Beam Modification devices in Radiotherapy (Csilla Pesznyák )
5.6 Imaging in Radiotherapy (Csilla Pesznyák )
5.7 Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) (Tibor Major )
5.8 Image Guided Radiation Therapy (Tibor Major )
5.9 Quality Improvement of Patient Care in Radiotherapy (Csilla Pesznyák)
5.10 Radiation Sources and Devices in Brachytherapy (Pál Zaránd )
6 Quality Assurance (ed.: Csilla Pesznyák )
6.1 Role of International Organisation in Quality Assurance ( Csilla Pesznyák)
6.2 Basic concepts of Quality (Csilla Pesznyák )
6.3 Quality Assurance of PET Device (Zsolt Lengyel, András Herein )
6.4 Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Teletherapy Equipment (Pál Zaránd )
6.5 Technical Quality Assurance and Safety of Diagnostic Radiology Equipment (Tamás Porubszky, trans.: Tamás Porubszky)
7 The principles of MRI (Kálmán Nagy, trans.: Nikoletta Szakály )
8 Ultrasound (Máté Eörs, trans.: Nikoletta Szakály)
9 The fundamentals of X-ray diagnostics (ed: Szalóki Imre)
9.1 The Fundamental Interactions between X-rays and Matter ( Imre Szalóki trans.: Nikoletta Szakály, Szabocs Czifrus)
9.2 X-ray Sources (Imre Szalóki, trans.: Nikoletta Szakály )
9.3 X-ray detectors (Imre Szalóki )
9.4 Elements of radiology imaging (Imre Szalóki, trans.: Tímea Hülber)
9.5 Data Acquisition for Computed Tomography (CT) (Imre Szalóki, trans.: David Legrady)
9.6 Cone-beam CT (Gábor Németh, Gábor Jakab, Attila Rácz)

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