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Appendix I.

Recommended frequencies for simulator QC tests

Test and frequency Tolerance
Crosswires 1 mm
Optical distance indicator 2 mm
Isocentric lasers 1 mm
Optical/radiation field size (10 cm x 10 cm) 2 mm
Optical/radiation field alignment (10 cm x 10 cm) 1 mm
Isocentricity of gantry 1 mm
Alignment of FAD movement 1 mm
Crosswire rotational 90 cm and 110 cm FAD 1 mm
Isocentricity of couch rotation 2 mm
Alignment of couch vertical movement 2 mm
Optical/radiation field sizes (all sizes) 2 mm/1.0%
Optical/radiation field alignment (all sizes) 1 mm/0.5%
Congruence of vertically and laterally opposed fields 1 mm
Positional readouts 1 mm/0.5%
Alignment of shadow trays 1 mm
Radiographic QC tests see text
Six monthly
Fluoroscopic image quality see text
Alignment of fine and broad focus radiographic images 0.5 mm
Redefine isocentre 1 mm
Crosswires and field wires at all gantry and diaphragm angles and FADs – all film as above
Optical distance indicator at all gantry angles2 mm
Gantry and diaphragm angles 0.5°
Loaded couch tests see text
Full tests on fluoroscopic and radiographic system see text

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