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Three-dimensional parametric images

Three-dimensional parametric image is used for the examination of myocardium’s movement. The ordinary phase and amplitude images are difficult to review in a form of sections:

Phase image
Amplitude image
Figure 50.

Based on the image of the average blood content the three-dimensional image of the left ventricle’s surface can be constructed easily, but it contains quite little information. Instead of this coloring the surface with the value of the phase and amplitude corresponding to the superficial point is more practical.

Test iframe
Phase image / amplitude image
Approximately healthy left ventricle.
According to the phase image, the contraction happens in the same time at the entire area of the left ventricle. The amplitude image shows that the contraction is strong.
The phase image shows that the contraction happens later at the back wall and the apex of the left ventricle (aneurism). The amplitude image demonstrates that the strength of the contraction is weaker at the same part of the heart.
Figure 51.

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