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The Clinical Application of IMRT

Comparison of dose distribution for 3D-CRT (left) and IMRT (right) treatment plan.


Comparison of 3D-CRT (dashed line) and IMRT (continual line) treatment plan on the base of dose-volume-histogram for head and neck tumour.


Seven uniformly arranged fields for head and neck IMRT.



DRR of field segments use for head and neck IMRT..



Treatment plan is made for re-irradiation of head and neck cancer in a 4 different transversal CT image. Red is a new PTV and dark green is an old PTV. The 95% of isodose curve is represented by the green line.



Treatment plan for prostate cancer: 3D-CRT (left side) and IMRT (right side).



ART IMRT: conformal dose distribution for head and neck tumour..



Irradiation with Cyberknife.



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