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Testing instrumentation needed for acceptance and/or status testing

For all equipment:

• Universal non-invasive X-ray parameter measuring instrument or system of instruments (X-ray multimeter), calibrated
• Radiation protection dosimeter (in status testing optional), calibrated
• Test objects/phantoms for radiography/fluoroscopy, tomography, DSA, dental or CT. An example is shown on Figure 1.
• Line pair resolution test object (it may be part of a general test object)
• Test object(s) for X-ray beam – light beam coincidence
• Film densitometer (for conventional film radiography only)
• Lead cover and lead cap
• Homogeneous phantoms (PMMA and aluminum phantoms, copper filter)
• For fluoroscopy: fluoroscopic screen
• For mammography: dynamometer
• For CT: CT ionization chamber and CT dose phantoms
• For testing image display conditions: luminance and illuminance meter, calibrated


Figure 1.: Structure of the multi-purpose test object ETR-1

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