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Appendix II.

Simulator’s daily check

The simulator must be in default position (gantry at 0°, collimator and couch at 0°, 10 x 10 cm2 field sizes, 100 cm FAD and SSD) for the examination. Lead collimators are set 52 cm x 52 cm. Settings on mechanical scale.
Equipment required:
Cube with cross markers (edge: 4 cm), graph paper (10 x 10 cm2 field and main plains marked on it).

Place the graph paper on the couch in default simulator position. Then switch the optical range finder on, and set the couch at 100 cm SAD. SAD = 100 cm should be on the digital readout. The couch position should be 0.0. The tolerance value for both data is ± 2 mm.

The 4 cm edge cube can be used for this check, in this situation SSD=98 cm should be used. The crosswires should cover the cross of the examination tool. Check the two sidewall lasers and the sagittal laser. The tolerance values are ± 1 mm. To check the laser on the ceiling, the gantry should be rotated not to cover the laser lines.
For the examination above the MedTec IAD-1 tool is appropriate, as well.
The conformance must be signed by ticking the box.

Simulator Daily Check


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